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If you love to play Serious Sam then check out 7Smoke, a gaming group, fully endorsed by Seriously! to host events and give you times and places for some serious action.

Once a month 7Smoke will be hosting official events for Seriously! on top of their regular gaming sessions. Keep an eye out for our announcements!

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Check out our Serious Sam 3: BFE Forum! Jewel of the Nile DLC
Croteam's Jewel of the Nile DLC package for Serious Sam 3: BFE includes three all-new campaign missions that add more depth to Sam's story, it has a new Battle Axe weapon and features extensive use of the laser gun and sniper rifle, and it has new bosses to sink your teeth into, including the Aludran Reptiloid!

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Tuesday, April, 22, 2014

Serious Sam Revolution coming to Steam's Early Access on April 30th! - Squadala - 6:01 AM - Comments

Serious Sam Revolution is coming out on Steamís Early Access on April 30th! The official Serious Sam Revolution website has a countdown showing exactly when SSR will be coming out on Early Access, so you'll know specifically when it will appear on Steam!

To promote SSRís upcoming appearance in Steamís Early Access, the SSR team has made a new trailer! Check it out!

Angelo, the main developer behind the game, has also confirmed on SSRís unofficial Facebook page that it will be free for everyone that owns both Serious Sam Classic games! This is likely only for those that own both games on Steam, but itís still pretty cool!

Tuesday, April, 15, 2014

Fanart/Cosplay Roundup - April 15 - Louva-Deus - 12:51 PM - Comments

Say hello to Serious Sammeh, a real girl! No, you can't have her. If you're really nice she might say thank you for checking our her awesome outfit! ;)

More great fan artwork and cosplay images to come!

Monday, April, 14, 2014

Serious Sam goes on a boat in a new Serious Sam Origins screenshot - Squadala - 8:09 AM - Comments

The Serious Sam Origins Facebook page has posted a new image of Serious Sam Origins! This one compares a boat ride in Origins with how it looked in early footage.

The wording on the original post suggests that more screenshots will be coming soon. Hopefully, itíll be really soon!

Friday, April, 11, 2014

Serious Sam 3: The Flemoid Encounter - Louva-Deus - 2:01 AM - Comments

As a part of our ongoing focus on the developer community, Seriously! would like to share this amazing project:

Serious Sam 3: The Flemoid Encounter by Sly7745.

Serious Sam 3: The Flemoid Encounter is a unique high definition PC remake of Chex Quest developed and published by Digital Cafť in 1996. The original game was created as a promotional marketing campaign to advertise the Chex brand of cereal, owned by General Mills.

We interviewed Sly and asked him why he created this project. Here is what he had to say:

Sly7745: I wanted to make something unique and different compared to the other mods for the game. I hope that anyone playing the mod will have fun doing so. It could also inspire other modders by showing them what kind of modifications can be done to the game.

We look forward to seeing more from this guy in the future. Check out our full interview with Sly7745 for more info!

Be sure to give Sly7745 your feedback by dropping some comments on his forum thread.

Let's get serious!

Monday, April, 07, 2014

Please Report Workshop Errors - Louva-Deus - 10:33 AM - Comments

Alen Ladavac posted on the Serious Sam 3: BFE forum on Steam asking for error reports due to an increasing number of problems with Steam Workshop not downloading files correctly. If you are experiencing any problems then please join the discussion.

Please note: you can report errors with Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter as well in the same thread! Just mention which game you are reporting problems with.

There's this problem that some people have sometimes (and some people have it quite often, if I understand correctly), where the game just cannot properly download some workshop items and often gets Worskhop errors.

We are trying to track down the cause of that, and have consulted with Valve about it. Valve engineers asked for some more specific information about it.

If this problem is happening to you, can you please provide the following information (just reply to this thread with the info):

  • Where are you located (i.e. which country, area etc)?
  • What does you internet setup look like? (I.e what kind of router, do you have cable/DSL/fiber.... which provider if possible, etc)
  • Do you see persistent errors with a certain file, or intermittent errors across a variety of workshop files?

Thank you all in advance for eventual feedback!

Again, please make sure you mention which game you are reporting errors for.

Friday, April, 04, 2014

Fanart/Cosplay Roundup - April 4 - Valerie Valens - 8:55 PM - Comments

Every now and then, Serious Sam inspires some cool stuff from creatively-minded folks. We have a birthday cake baked by the best mom ever, a couple of artist's drawings of the enemies from Serious Sam's beta build and an awesome picture of Sam ripping an eye out of a hapless Gnaar! Check these out!

Best birthday cake ever!

All things considered, the Serious Sam beta enemy designs were pretty cool.

It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye!

Gamespy shutting down on May 31st; Serious Sam Classic games affected - Squadala - 1:00 PM - Comments

On May 31st, Gamespy will be shutting down. Unfortunately, Serious Sam Classic: The First Encounter and The Second Encounter use Gamespy for their master servers. When Gamespy shuts down, the only way to join Serious Sam Classic servers will be to directly connect to them instead of using the server browser. This makes it much harder to find and play on active servers.

However, itís not all doom and gloom. Serious Sam Revolution does not use Gamespy, meaning that SSRís master server will work. In anticipation of GameSpy shutting down, Angelo, the main developer working on SSR, will be releasing SSR on Steamís Early Access between today and next month. This should give Serious Sam Classic players plenty of time to migrate over to Revolution before Gamespy goes down.

Weíll keep you updated when more news about Gamespyís death and SSRís appearance on Early Access becomes available.

Thursday, April, 03, 2014

More information about the Serious Engine 1 source code release - Squadala - 12:40 PM - Comments

Weíve managed to get some detailed information about the upcoming Serious Engine 1 source code release, thanks to some posts about it on our forums from Roman Ribarić, CEO of Croteam, and Angelo, a community member who helped prepare the source code for release.

    * It will be released sometime after Serious Sam Revolution comes out.

    * It will be licensed under the GNU GPL. Basically, you can make derivatives of the code (like modifying it), but you must include your modified source with your release and clearly state that you've modified it if you release it to the public.

    * The way Serious Editor 1 handles memory has been rewritten so that people on a 64-bit OS can use it.

    * Gamespy has been replaced with a new master server called GameAgent for legal reasons.

    * Exploration 3D is not included with the SDK, but if you find the Exploration 3D SDK, you can re-add it fairly easily.

Itíll be interesting to see what modders will come up with when they get their hands on the source code!

Wednesday, April, 02, 2014

Serious Sam 3 Content Roundup - March 2014 - Louva-Deus - 12:14 AM - Comments

Here are the latest and greatest projects for Serious Sam 3: BFE from March, 2014!

See the entire list!

Now that is a lot of great content! But don't take our word for it. Go check it out for yourself!

Serious Sam HD Content Roundup - March 2014 - Louva-Deus - 12:06 AM - Comments

Seriously! is going to attempt to do regular content roundups, so post your cool things on Workshop and we'll make sure somebody discovers them!

Here are the latest and greatest projects for Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter from March, 2014!

See the entire list!

Now that is a lot of great content! But don't take our word for it. Go check it out for yourself!

Tuesday, April, 01, 2014

4/1 Serious Tuesday update! - Squadala - 1:08 PM - Comments

The Serious Tuesday update on Croteam's site is back after a very long hiatus! In todayís update, Mr. Pinky reveals how you can help Croteam's awesome new game concept, Idiot Simulator, be even better!

Hello again!

Serious Tuesday update is finally back. Let's see what's today on the menu:

I heard some people weren't sure what's going on now with Croteam and my yesterday's Idiot Simulator game leak announcement. You most likely also heard Goat Simulator is about to be released on Steam today. Rest assured, it's both legit and not April Foul's day.

Even more, Croteam is listening to your thoughts. So, they have opened an official email:, so anyone interested can email their thoughts on Idiot Simulator, what you want to do in the game etc. So, fire up gamers! More you write, more it becomes a real game diamond!

Mr. Pinky
Spy Lead
Croteam (underground)

It's like crowdsourcing, but with game ideas instead of funds!

Monday, March, 31, 2014

Croteam Update #2 - Louva-Deus - 9:12 PM - Comments

In an unprecedented move.. Croteam has released yet another update! I'm not sure what to think on this one considering..

Serious Sam 4

Location: Planet Pechina, Arachnid homeworld

Following the award-winning success of Serious Sam 3: BFE, franchise developer, Croteam, has revealed the setting for its next game, Serious Sam 4: Not Egypt. In the words of Roman Ribaric, CEO, Croteam, the game will focus on the two most highly successful and praised features of the franchise: sand and enemies with hit-scan weapons.

"We love our fans and we have heard their pleas," said Ribaric. "so.. SS4 will not be taking place in Egypt. Instead Sam will travel to the homeworld of his arch-nemeses the Arachnoids to destroy their hit-scan weapons factories and turn the tide of the war."

"Free boobjob with every 10,000 units sold," piped in Fork Parker, the venerable badass from Devolver Digital. "And if you give $100 at the inevitable Humble Bundle sale you can get an interview with me to pitch your awesome game ideas!"

Serious Sam 4 is planned to be released this Thanksgiving with a special 0-day DLC player model pack with a Golden Huff, Golden Fork, and Holiday Kaze for early-access subscribers.


And there you have it folks! Croteam does love us! :D

Hello From Mr. Pinky! - Louva-Deus - 1:25 PM - Comments

Mr. Pinky, from Croteam, has posted the first official new Croteam update in a very long time. Here it is!

Hello Croteam fans from Mr. Pinky!

I am finally returning back home from my well deserved vacation.

Let me tell you, first eight years I was travelling around the world, meeting interesting people and generally enjoying myself. It passed like it was yesterday. In that time Croteam was kind enough not to legally pursue my persona and I thank their CEO for that. After that, for the next two years or so, I took extra time to relax from this vacation. So, here I am, relaxed and ready again to lead the spy team to get you that juicy news on Croteam.

I am still fighting with jet lag, so I have check out now, but let me just first give you a quick tease (from still-in-construction web page) that Croteam is working on a therapy action simulation game called Idiot Simulator!

With Idiot Simulator it seems Croteam is jumping to all the big noise that Goat, Bear and other (are there any?) Simulator games are currently making. Btw, Goat Simulator is to be released tomorrow on Steam and Bear is on Kickstarter, so it's worth checking both.

Not sure how I feel about that right now. I like the word "therapy" in the description though, I am always for that. But, not sure if I would ever want to start that game, as then I have a feeling I just wouldn't be able to stop playing. Yes, I admit, I do have a lot of people on THE (idiot) list, so I am probably not the best one to comment.

Anyhow, more inside info on Idiot Simulator tomorrow in my Serious Tuesday update.

Mr. Pinky
Spy Lead
Croteam (underground)

I don't know about you but I'm totally looking forward to another idiotic simulator.. er.. wait..

Serious Engine 1 will be going open source! - Squadala - 4:31 AM - Comments

Serious Engine 1's code will be going open source soon! Alen Ladavac, Croteam's chief technical officer, confirmed that the engine that powered the first two Serious Sam games will be open sourced sometime soon during a game developer conference at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FEN), a division of the University of Zagreb. This is good news for those want to work deeper with the engine and fix bugs like the editor not working in 64-bit operating systems, or just see how Croteam did things back in the day.

Friday, March, 28, 2014

Serious Sam Origins - Squadala - 6:14 AM - Comments

Serious Sam Origins is a mod for Serious Sam Classic: The Second Encounter that aims to recreate the original Serious Sam Croteam made back in 1999 and 2000 before they retooled the game into Serious Sam: The First Encounter. It will use resources actually developed and used for the old Serious Sam way back then.

We recently managed to get an interview with SLAwww, a programmer and level designer working on the mod. We asked him lots of interesting questions about the project, like what will be in it, what special features the mod will have for level designers, how did it start, what Origins will have for deathmatch players, and how Origins’ version of NETRISCA will work. One of the many questions we asked him was what type of content will be in the mod. Hereís what he had to say:

SLAwww: SSO features all resources from the original pre-release build of Serious Sam. By that, I mean levels, enemies, weapons, HUD and gameplay elements specific to that game. But on top of that, SSO features things missing from the alpha-build; this is another huge portion of the mod. Ö In the end, we are aiming to recreate the first Serious Sam game according to the official design document provided by Roman Ribarić. Serious Sam alpha-build was a collection of great ideas put together, we want to make that a game.

For a lot more information about Origins, read the complete interview!

SLAwww also hooked us up with some new Origins media, like these screenshots:

The rest can be found in the interview.

If you want to give feedback or just tell the devs how cool the project is, send them a comment or two on their Facebook page!



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