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Check out The Talos Principle! The Talos Principle
The Talos Principle is Croteam's brand-new philosophical first-person puzzle game set to be released Q4 of 2014. Written by Tom Jubert (FTL, The Swapper) and Jonas Kyratzes (Infinite Ocean), Talos looks to be the next biggest puzzle game since Portal 2 and Antichamber.

Official Talos Principle Discussion Forum
Official Talos Principle Image Gallery
Official Talos Principle Steam Page

Join Seriously! on our quest to discover the intrigue behind this coming masterpiece as a new chronicle of Croteam magic unfolds!


Check out the 42 Amsterdam website! 42 Amsterdam
If you love to play Serious Sam Classic then check out 42 Amsterdam, one of the last bastions for the original masterpiece that started our beloved franchise.

Together Seriously! and 42 Amsterdam have overcome the GameSpy master-server problem and now you can rejoin the masses of Sam lovers who will never let a classic like this be laid to rest.

Official 42 Amsterdam Website

Unofficial GameSpy Master-Server Multiplayer Fix


Saturday, October, 18, 2014

Super fast news: Talos is being streamed RIGHT NOW for Charity - Solais - 9:17 AM

Click here RIGHT NOW! Also, donate if you can. It's for a great cause!

Wednesday, October, 15, 2014

Talos Principle news roundup for October - Squadala - 6:53 PM

A few The Talos Principle previews and interviews have been released the past few weeks. Here's a quick roundup of all of them.

First off, Croteam and The Talos Principle's writers did an interview with Gamerbolt about the game. The interview has quite a few interesting tidbits of information, such as:

Davor Hunski: First of all, they were created by a several individuals. Each of them added their own flavor to the table. When you multiply that personal style with the significant count of the different gameplay elements (at least 15 of them), you get a rich mixture that resulted in a beautiful variety. To be honest, most of the puzzles that were created in the beginning ended up in similar form in the final game. We were very pleased with the majority of them. The interesting is the way how we brought them to life. In the beginning, we used Lego elements to form labyrinths and gameplay elements, focusing only on the “catch” of the puzzle, playing in the world of ideas. Later on, when we added code for the new mechanics, we translated these ideas into virtual worlds.

Alen Ladavac: The new version has a lot of under-the-hood changes, most of which are not visible by examining “with/without” screenshots, but that allow us to create more complex and interesting games, and to run them on a wider range of platforms and configurations. To name a few, there’s complete support for texture and model streaming, loading levels in background as you play, full support for DirectX11, multithreaded rendering, support for Android and PS4 platforms, a new software-based sound mixer which improves sound positioning greatly, physics rewritten for smoother movements of FPS characters, and a lot more, including some internal tools changes that allow us to deliver high quality games faster.

The next bit of information is a preview from PixelDynamo that talks a bit about the philosophy that makes up the game's plot. One part of the interview discusses how the player will be able to interact with the plot:

...encouraging players to decide for themselves what they believe is true as they travel through mazes solving puzzles, all while listening to -and questioning- what Elohim is telling them to do. To keep from preaching to the player, the game has been designed with what Jubert describes as a traditional dialogue tree turned on its head; instead of players, prompting questions to the game’s characters for answers, those characters ask us the questions and we need to find our own responses. The game adapts itself to whatever ideologies and beliefs players bring with them.

The article also mentions that players do not need to beat every puzzle to get to the end, which should be relief for those that aren't really into puzzle games, but want to enjoy the story.

Finally, Gamereactor has a video interview with Jonas Kyratzes, one of the writers making The Talos Principle's story, which can be watched below. It also has footage of the game being played.

Tuesday, October, 14, 2014

Free promotional game for The Talos Principle released! - Squadala - 11:56 AM

Croteam has released a free promotional game for The Talos Principle called Sigils of Elohim for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android! In it, the player must solve puzzles by fitting various given pieces into a square. Pieces can be rotated in case they don't seem to fit at first. The player can unlock rewards in Sigils of Elohim that can be used in every version of The Talos Principle when it is released. More puzzles will be added the closer it gets to The Talos Principle's release date, so don’t uninstall it after beating it because there will be more puzzles coming soon.

Devolver Digital has also released a preview video showing off the game, which can be seen below.

Click here to play Sigils of Elohim via Steam on PC, Mac, and Linux. Android and iOS users can go to their app marketplaces to download it for free.

Friday, October, 10, 2014

Serious Sam FE Plus & Xplus - Louva-Deus - 4:41 PM

This week at Seriously! we have been training a new staff member, Oben, and he wanted to share with you this fun mod for Serious Sam Classic : The First Encounter.

Serious Sam FE Plus & Xplus by -JD- & VITEK

Serious Sam FE PLUS & XPLUS are visual enhancement mods for Serious Sam Classic: The First Encounter. -JD- and VITEK, members of the Russian community site,, created these mods with one purpose in mind: to make the game look better.

Plus & Xplus enhance the game by using imported high-resolution textures and models from Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter. The best part, however, is that the game still seems to be compatible with users who don't have the mod.

If you want an interesting experience then check out these mods and let the world know that Classic isn't dead yet.

We interviewed -JD- and VITEK about these projects and here is a peak at what they had to say:

Q: So GameSpy closed its servers on July 25th, 2014. In your opinion, how did that affect the Serious Sam Classics community?

VITEK: It was very bad for many Serious Sam players, and for us too. But on XPLUS, we worked on a multiplayer fix [to that problem].

You can read the rest of the interview here. We look forward to seeing more from these guys in the future!

You can download Serious Sam FE XPLUS from the authors' website OR from the high-speed mirror on our Filesystem. Keep on truckin' fellas!

Monday, September, 29, 2014

Bi-Weekly Showcase #9 - Oben - 10:54 PM

Hello guys, this is Oben speaking! I am 17 and from Turkey. From now on, I will be a news writer for Seriously! Anyway, here is a brand new Bi-Weekly Showcase! Let’s get started..

Maska322’s Showcase!

Maska322's latest project is a 4-part remake of his legendary map: Desert City! According to him this is mostly just a visual update. He also said that a story for the map pack is coming! We're looking forward to it!

Pan’s Hidden Castle

Pan is working hard on his first campaign, called "Bounty." This campaign is different from most in that it isn't a save-the-world objective-based type of experience. Instead it will be more like a "beast hunt" that involves quests and exploration. A real adventure. Sounds fun!

Deepblue’s Showcase

Deepblue has returned and already has something amazing to share with us! This unnamed map is for Serious Sam 3 and will be similar to Moon Mountains, but with a strong asian theme. Nice dude! Welcome home.

Devostator’s Showcase

Devostator has uploaded some new images of his latest map! Now we go from pink haze to green (suspicious...). Looks cool, right?

Heming_Hitrowski Showcase

Heming_Hitrowski, a Russian mapper/modmaker, recently started a showcase and introduced us to a mod named PKM. The only goal to PKM is staying alive as long as you can! Hitrowski seems to be a big fan of zombies and has brought them into the Sam franchise. We recommend that you check out his showcase to learn more about the mod.

Noam 2000’s Toilet

While Noam2000 is working on his “SS HD” project, he is also making a small Deathmatch map for Serious Sam 3. It is very similar to Mario. Check out this video:

Viper45’s Showcase

Viper45 finally (it's about time) released his 44 Magnum Revolver mod for Serious Sam 3! We congratulate him for his work! Be sure to check it out!

Sly7745’s Showcase

Sly7745 is currently working on a new campaign involving the infamous Cthulhu! In fact, he is the main enemy for the campaign. He says that the final product will look much better. Check it out:

Don’t forget to check the next Bi-Weekly Showcase! Take care and have a nice week!

Saturday, September, 27, 2014

The Forgotten City - Valerie Valens - 5:09 PM

This week at Seriously! we will be taking a look at one of the earlier map packs made with Serious Editor 3.0 for Serious Sam HD : The Second Encounter.

The Forgotten City by Solais

The Forgotten City is a large map pack for Serious Sam HD : The Second Encounter that aims to challenge even the most battle-hardened FPS veterans with its relentless large-scale enemy assaults. This map pack is where a lot of new and deadly enemy variations found in later modding projects for Serious Sam HD and Serious Sam 3 made their debut appearances.

If you are tired of maps being too easy to beat or just want to throw yourself into an extraordinary challenge, this map pack is for you.

We recently interviewed Solais and asked him about his thoughts on how his use of custom enemies influenced the creation of custom maps by the community since the release of this map pack. This is what he had to say :

Solais: I say, it's the best thing that came out of Forgotten City in my opinion. Nowadays, when I play old SS1 custom maps, I get easily bored of them. Yes, the levels look cool, they play cool, and the layouts are also cool. But I'm killing the same kind of enemies over and over. Creating your enemies so easily in Serious Editor 3 is a real godsend that places the editor way above anything that was made for SS1. It's unfortunate though, that new enemies are not the golden solution to the eventual monotony of the SS series, but at least it's something to spice up levels. Can't wait for Serious Sam 4 though. Making new weapons, now that might the golden solution. As for the new enemies created for Forgotten City, some were good and I still use them, but some others were seriously overpowered and imbalanced. Hitscan Minigun Biomechs, Super Harpies throwing homing fireballs and such are just BS in their design. Other enemies, like the Arachnoid Sniper feel like if they are not even really there on the battlefield. Since Forgotten City, but especially after my SS3 endeavours, I have learned that every enemy got a role, and making new enemies that are just there for being a new enemy, not to mention, with a low effort of just recoloring them and giving them a different weapon, is just not the way to go. This is why my latest enemy creations try to be a lot more unique.

You can read the rest of the interview here. We look forward to seeing more from him in the future.

You can download The Forgotten City in 4 parts from the Workshop, keeping in mind that you will need to have the Fusion DLC (Acquired by owning Serious Sam HD : The First Encounter.) activated as well as the Ultimate Enemy Pack (Included in the Workshop link.) installed in order to run it properly.

Thursday, September, 18, 2014

Sam explodes into action for this year's Saxxy Award! - Solais - 2:13 PM

The creator of the fantastic Serious Sam comic (featured earlier on our site), FranckyFox2468's latest work is finally completed!

FranckyFox2468, besides being an artist with his own unique style, is also a machinima animator using mostly the Source Filmmaker software, creating animated shorts all alone! To win the latest Saxxy Award, which is given to the best Source Filmmaker machinimas, this year Francky called upon the help of one mightiest hero: Serious Sam himself! And he looks damn Sexxy alongside the Team Fortress 2 guys! (Seriously Croteam, hire this guy to make the facial animations for SS4.) But enough talk, just watch it yourself! And if you like what you see, you can vote on this video, once the polls are open on September 24. (More information in the description of the video.)

FranckyFox2468 personally wants to thank Benjamin Rudman and John Dick for voice acting, and Croteam members Roman Ribarić, Alen Ladavac and Admir Elezović for their approval. See the complete credits here:

Remember to vote!

Friday, September, 12, 2014

Badmoon Bog - Squadala - 5:29 AM

This week at Seriously!, we go to a haunted bog:

Badmoon Bog by Finzy

Badmoon Bog is a small campaign for Serious Sam 3: BFE that focuses on horror, but has some classic Serious Sam-style action as well.

We interviewed Finzy about Badmoon Bog to ask things like why he decided to make a Serious Sam campaign focused on horror. Check it out!

Badmoon Bog can be downloaded here. Note that The Jewel of the Nile DLC is required to play Badmoon Bog.

Monday, September, 08, 2014

Weekly Showcase #7-8 - Louva-Deus - 10:55 PM

Hey folks! It's time for another Weekly Showcase and we have a few goodies to show you this time around. This is actually a double-feature since we actually missed last week's post (oops). So let's start off with:

Pan's Hidden Castle

Pan starts things off with an epic remake of one of the greatest CTF maps of all time: Facing Worlds for Unreal Tournament. This is one of the most iconic multiplayer maps in the entire FPS genre so you simply have to check it out when it's done. And just to show his versatility, Pan has also put out a sneak preview of a western-themed map called Wild West Town. Roy... eat your heart out my friend.

Finzy's Frozen Asylum

The latest imagery from Finzy's Space Engineers-styled map are truly inspiring. Don't you just want to be an astronaut now? To go boldly where no fanboy, girl-gamer, furry-thing, etc has gone before! Seriously..

Maska322's Showcase!

The final level in Maska322's Journey to Hell sequel, To Hell and Back, is now finished! You can download it right now, in fact. I suggest that you do because if these images are anything to go by.. this will be a worthy successor to the original masterpiece.

Mental4's showcase

Our pal Mental4 is currently working on a Palace of Winds map for Serious Sam Revolution. This remake comes from The Minish Cap, the 12th game in the Zelda series, released for the GameBoy Advance. It will be interesting to see how he brings this 32-bit classic into a 3D world. So far it looks like he has a good start.

Devostator's Netherworld Survival

The sixth map in Devostator's Survival Tribute is now out and ready for your meaty paws! Check out Netherworld, an atmospheric map that will have you seeing pink in no time... because everything is pink (hidden meaning?). Let's see how long you last, mkay?

As always, check out the latest stuff going on at Seriously!, right here, every week. Peace!

Sunday, August, 31, 2014

A Space Odyssey, The Mapping Competition - Louva-Deus - 6:28 PM

Serious Site, a Russian fan community, has started their annual mapping competition and this year they have invited Seriously! to participate.

This year's competition will have a space theme. This means that all submissions must have a very clear feeling of being in space. There are some additional rules for the contest, as follows:

  1. The action has to take place in space, on a spaceship, or on an asteroid (no planet-based maps allowed).
  2. You cannot use any auxiliary DLL files, patches, hacks, or other similar resources (stick to the Serious Editor and you'll be fine).
  3. Your map(s) must be packaged into a single .GRO archive. No exceptions. If you make more than one map it still has to fit in there.
  4. Your map(s) should have AT LEAST 15 minutes of gameplay on Normal difficulty (each if more than one).
  5. Your development must be in secret. You can't tell anyone or show anyone anything until after the competition is over.
  6. Nothing you have done previously or are now working on can be submitted. You have to start something new.

These are the games you can choose to make your maps on (pick one):

  • Serious Sam Classic: TSE
  • Serious Sam HD: TSE
  • Serious Sam 3: BFE
  • Serious Sam Revolution

And here are the official prizes:

  • Serious Sam Complete Pack
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown + The Bureau: XCOM Declassified
  • Sanctum 2

1st Place will receive 1000 Rubles (about $26.99 USD at the time of this post) in Steam Wallet cash and first pick from the prizes above.

2nd Place will receive 500 Rubles (about $13.49 USD) in Steam Wallet cash and second pick from the prizes above.

3rd Place will get the last of the prizes.

There are 17 contestants at the time of this posting and more on the way. The deadline to sign up October 30th. If you want to join then post a reply to this thread and let them know which game you are mapping for. You can start building your map as soon as you are on the list.

The deadline to submit your maps is one minute before midnight on December 14th. That is 3:59 PM (EST) for our American members and 9:59 PM (CET) for our European friends.

We're pretty excited about this competition and to up the ante we have thrown out some additional prizes to any member of Seriously! who can get in the top 3. Anyone who does will get an additional free game, of their choice, from our prize pool. Let's throw down people! :D

Friday, August, 29, 2014

BFE Enhanced - Valerie Valens - 12:02 PM

This week at Seriously! we will be taking a look at an improved Serious Sam 3 Experience

BFE Enhanced by Bio

BFE Enhanced is a custom campaign that aims to bring back the gameplay feel of the Serious Sam Classics to the base campaign of Serious Sam 3 : BFE by not only adding more weapon and ammo pickups to the levels, but also adding more monsters, some from the Serious Sam Classics, to fire at.

Without the need to scrounge for secret weapons in order to use them, or the need to hunt and conserve for ammo for your more powerful weapons, I am sure that you will enjoy decimating the horde of Mental's minions without having to worry as much about conserving ammunition.

We recently interviewed Bio and among the questions we asked, we asked what his biggest challenge was with creating this campaign. This was his answer :

Bio: I'd say the biggest challenge for me was trying to balance the levels on the hardest difficulties mainly because some of the enemies like the kleers and zorgs seemed to move faster and do more damage than they did on classic on the harder difficulties and the fact that Sam's running speed isn't quite as fast as he was in SS1. I tried to overcome this by adding and setting some healthpack and armor items to appear only on harder difficulties. Working on this project has made me learn a little more on game design.

You can check the rest of the interview out here. We look forward to seeing more from him in the future.

You can download the campaign from the Workshop. Do note that in order for this campaign to work correctly, you must own the Jewel of the Nile DLC, as well as have the Ultimate Resource Pack installed.

Monday, August, 25, 2014

Weekly Showcase #6 - Solais - 4:10 PM

Hey there everyone, time for our next Weekly Showcase!

This week, we have three new updates, all from the last week, because how we would know what will be updated this week? Besides the Monday, but hey, that's next week.

Marko's little showcase.

After the success of his last campaign, Marko is now working on his next campaign project. It seems quite green! You can check out his showcase thread Here. As mentioned earlier, you get the new stuff at the end of the thread.

Noam's Toilet

noam2000 continues his work on his remake of a level that's obviously not Mental Institution at all, I mean come on, you know it's Hatshepsut. :P He also started working on some new stuff! You can check out his showcase thread Here. As mentioned earlier, you get the new stuff at the end of the thread.

[VS] Club Jenova

Pan recently released his quite unique DM map, Club Jenova, as a sort of crowning piece to he large Serious Fantasy: Legends pack.. You can check out release thread Here.

That is all for today.

See you next week!

Wednesday, August, 20, 2014

Fanart/Cosplay Roundup - 20th Aug 2014 - Valerie Valens - 6:48 AM

A lot of fan art for the franchise is centered around Sam and the monsters he fights. This is why this time, for our fan art roundup, we will share just that.

A cartoonish illustration of the Beheaded Rocketeer, Gnaar, Kleer, Adult Arachnoid, Werebull and Major Biomechanoid by BaconMonstrosity. The stylization of these drawings are pretty neat.

A nicely-done pencil sketch of the Beheaded Kamikazi by Maska322.

On the DevintArt side, we have a cartoonish drawing of Serious Sam looking badass with a large Minigun by SkunkDJ.

To the left, we have a fan art piece of Serious Sam as a professional cart driver by Kermad and commissioned by Pan for his upcoming Super Seriously! Kart mod. To the right, we have a traditional drawing of Serious Sam ripping a Gnaar's eye out by Kubi-Wan.

Monday, August, 18, 2014

Weekly Showcase #5 - Solais - 11:43 PM

Hey there everyone, time for our next Weekly Showcase: A Day Late Again Version!

This week, we have four new updates, and yes, one of them is Finzy, as usual!

Finzy's Showcase

Something something Finzy, something something project. But seriously, this is a pretty cool new video about the Campaign version of Serious Box Solid. You can check the video below, and you can check out his showcase thread Here. As mentioned earlier, you get the new stuff at the end of the thread.

Maska322's Showcase

Maska322 have announced his new Serious Sam 1 Classic project, which seems to be a continuation of his "Journey to Hell" campaign! He just recently released a few screenshots, you can see two below. You can check out his showcase thread Here.

Emperor Danny serious sam 2 showcase

Emperor Danny have been remaking and porting SS1 enemies into Serious Sam 2 recently! It seems he is working on a project called Serious Sam 2 Advance. You can check out his showcase thread Here.

Devostator's Showcase

Devostator keeps on rolling with his very cool looking survival maps, that are usually inspired by locations in the Touhou Project games. It seems there are two new ones in the works! You can check out his showcase thread Here.

That is all for today.

See you next week!

Friday, August, 15, 2014

Saving Pvt. Pesko - Solais - 4:33 PM

This week at Seriously! we rush to a pyramid to save our best friend:

Saving Pvt. Pesko by Marko J

Saving Pvt. Pesko is custom campaign for Serious Sam 3: BFE featuring the usual Serious Sam 3 like gameplay through 4 long levels.

After the quite different Lost Soul, we now have a very SS3-like adventure; as Marko says, "Serious Sam 3 has the influence the most. I wanted to make the level design as close as possible to Serious Sam 3 so it can feel like it's part of the story of the official game." And how he managed that! It's possibly one of the best campaigns out there, to say so myself!

We recently interviewed Marko and asked him about Saving Pvt. Pesko and you should check it out!

You can get Saving Pvt. Pesko in his forum thread

Please note, for Saving Pvt. Pesko to work you must also have the following things installed: Ultimate Resource Pack and Mischievous' NPCs, alongside the Jewel of the Nile DLC.



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