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Croteam document showing future Serious Sam games found!

We at Seriously! would like to reveal something seriously (pun intended) cool from Croteam; a pdf from Croteam showing their plans for Serious Sam and their company from way back! We discovered it while sorting through an old backup of Seriously! when it was hosted on Gamespy. Apparently, Croteam gave this to Vesto, our former site director, to help him see what direction Croteam wanted to go with Serious Sam and where they were heading as a company. We've talked with Croteam about it, and they've given us to the go ahead to release it to the public.

This document not only shows games that have been released, it also shows non-Serious Sam Croteam games that have never been revealed to the public and a list of Serious Sam games to be made past what we know now as Serious Sam 4! It's worth a read for anyone interested in Serious Sam's history and to see where Croteam is taking the franchise. There are several spoilers for upcoming games, so don't read unless you want to be spoiled!

You can download it here.


Serious Sam series turns 15 + retrospective from Croteam!

Serious Sam: The First Encounter has turned 15 today! In honor of this, Croteam has released a small but interesting retrospective on TFE from their perspective that includes some thoughts from a few of the Croteam guys that worked on TFE, a story about how TFE's Test 1 demo changed Croteam's fortunes forever, and some old concept art for objects like the Gnaar and Beheaded enemies, including some art for a removed weapon and removed enemy! It's worth a read for anyone with even a little interest in Serious Sam to see how the series became what we know it as now!

Serious Sam HD games get Steam trading cards!

In honor of Serious Sam: The First Encoutner's 16th birthday, Croteam has released Steam trading cards for both Serious Sam HD: The FIrst Encounter and Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter!

The First Encounter includes the following cards:

  1. Aludran Reptiloid, Common
  2. Arachnoid, Adult
  3. Ugh-Zan III, The Vicious Warlock
  4. Beheaded Rocketeer
  5. Marsh-Hopper from Rigil Kentaurus
  6. Reeban Electro-Fish
  7. Beheaded Firecraker
  8. Kleer Skeleton

The Second Encounter's cards are:

  1. Highlander's Bride
  2. Cucurbito the Pumpkin
  3. Zumb'ul
  4. Serious Sam
  5. Zorg Mercenary
  6. Scythian Witch-harpy
  7. Beheaded Kamikaze
  8. Exotech Larva

To get these cards, simply play the games and they will drop. You can either sell them on the Steam Market or use them to make badges so you can level up your Steam profile.

Serious Engine 1 v.1.10 source code has been released!

Croteam has released the source code for Serious Engine 1 v.1.10 (a slightly modified version of 1.07 removing some depreciated features and making it easier to compile on modern computers), the engine that powered the classic Serious Sam games, over at GitHub! With it, you can add your own updates to Serious Engine 1 or even make your own executable for a mod project! To get started, use Visual Studio 2013 or 2015 to compile the code. Some features, such as MP3 and OGG playback, along with IFeel support, have been disabled, but can be re-enabled by adding the appropriate dll files. A set of resources from the classic Serious Sam games has been released as well, containing all of the models, textures and sounds used in the classic games. Most of the source is licensed under the GNU GPL v2.

Serious Developer Talk Audio Released!

If you weren't able to be there during the event, then you can listen to the audio archive here. We went for two hours and it was awesome! There were lots of questions and we answered almost all of them within the time we had.

A great thank you goes out to our guest speakers:

  • Admir [Croteam]
  • Alen [Croteam]
  • Dk [Croteam]
  • hipshot [Crackshell]
  • SLAwww [Croteam]
  • Solais [Croteam]

Also, a big thank you to our listeners and those who submitted questions!

We will do this again but it may be a while (one suggestion was 3 months, but we'll see). Cheers!

Serious Developer Talk

Get ready for March Madness with Seriously!

If you are an aspiring game developer or just have a lot of questions about it then join us on March 6th at 15:00 UTC/GMT for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with members of Croteam and Crackshell (developers of Serious Sam Bogus Detour).

We will be streaming a live audio broadcast of the event. To participate you will need to join the Seriously! Steam Group Chat.

See you there!

Vulkan support added to The Talos Principle!

Croteam has released a beta version of The Talos Principle with Vulkan support! To use it, you’ll first need to download beta drivers that support Vulkan for either AMD or nVidia graphic cards. After that, you need to right click on The Talos Princpile in your games list in Steam, then select Properties. Once there, find the “betas” tab and click on it. You’ll see a dropdown list. Click on it and select “publicbeta”. Finally, hit close, and you’ll be able to use Vulkan in Talos!

For more information about Vulkan and how The Talos Principle works with it, read this FAQ written by a Croteam member.

Update: According to some early benchmarks done by Computer Base, even in its alpha state, Vulkan easily outperforms the OpenGL implementation in the game and is close to the same performance as DirectX. We look forward to seeing what the future holds in store!

Croteam interview reveals some new Serious Sam 4 details

Croatian video game website Reboot has done a video interview with Croteam, discussing Serious Sam 4 and how things work behind the scenes at Croteam, such as how they brainstorm game design and make graphic assets. Some Serious Sam 4 tidbits include that the game will be a prequel to Serous Sam 3: BFE and that Serious Sam 4 will avoid Serious Sam 3's “dark and monotonous aesthetics”.

Watch it below with English subtitles: