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Check out The Talos Principle! The Talos Principle
The Talos Principle is Croteam's brand-new philosophical first-person puzzle game set to be released Q4 of 2014. Written by Tom Jubert (FTL, The Swapper) and Jonas Kyratzes (Infinite Ocean), Talos looks to be the next biggest puzzle game since Portal 2 and Antichamber.

Official Talos Principle Discussion Forum
Official Talos Principle Image Gallery
Official Talos Principle Steam Page
Official Talos Principle Facebook Page

Join Seriously! on our quest to discover the intrigue behind this coming masterpiece as a new chronicle of Croteam magic unfolds!


Check out the 42 Amsterdam website! 42 Amsterdam
If you love to play Serious Sam Classic then check out 42 Amsterdam, one of the last bastions for the original masterpiece that started our beloved franchise.

Together Seriously! and 42 Amsterdam have overcome the GameSpy master-server problem and now you can rejoin the masses of Sam lovers who will never let a classic like this be laid to rest.

Official 42 Amsterdam Website

Unofficial GameSpy Master-Server Multiplayer Fix


Saturday, November, 22, 2014

Hellfire Duel Tournament 2014 - Louva-Deus - 9:03 PM

Seriously! is proud to present our first annual Hellfire Duel Tournament to heat things up during the great winter freeze! If you love deathmatch, or just want to try your hand at it for a chance to get a free game, then sign up now! This party is about to get started and the signup period starts now and ends on November 30th.

What are you waiting for??

Friday, November, 21, 2014

Massive Serious Sam Giveaway by GamersBook - Louva-Deus - 11:21 PM

GamersBook has started a Massive Serious Sam Giveaway! They are giving away 100 copies of Serious Sam 3: BFE and 10 copies of the Serious Sam Complete Pack!

Follow their instructions to win. Giveaway dates are on Nov. 24th, Dec. 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd. Don't miss this opportunity!

Thursday, November, 20, 2014

Serious Carnage HD - Louva-Deus - 1:03 PM

Seriously!'s latest feature interview is with the developer known as StealthToast on our forums. We are always happy to showcase projects and hope to see yours up here some day. There are many people who love the Serious Sam franchise. And we like to make a special note of those who help keep the games alive.

Serious Carnage HD by StealthToast

The short version is this: you have not experienced Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter until you have tried the Carnage mod. Carnage HD is an attempt to make the original game more of a challenge to hardcore players.. and those insane enough to try it. Bring an extra pair of knickers with you.

Carnage HD was one of the first mod projects that focused more on enhancing the original gameplay rather than drastically altering it. That said... you will find Carnage a very different animal to play.

We interviewed StealthToast and asked him why he created this project. Here is what he had to say:

StealthToast: I've always wanted to make my own content for games I liked, tailoring them to my preferences. Whenever I would see an editor for such a game, I'd immidiately try it out. ...

Check out our full interview for more info!

You can download Carnage HD and try it out for yourself! Get all of the parts to play: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

Be sure to give the creator your feedback by dropping some comments on his forum thread

Sam on!

Friday, November, 14, 2014

Win a free copy of The Talos Principle from a contest! - Squadala - 3:19 PM

S! forum-goer Nomercy Rider and others, including some people from Croteam, are holding a contest to give away two free copes of The Talos Principle! All you need to do is make something creative related to The Talos Principle. It can be anything; a story, a photoshop edit, a drawing, or even a scene from the game made out of LEGO! Once you've made something, upload your craft or pictures of it to an image-hosting site, make a quick writeup of what your submission is and what you're looking forwards to in The Talos Principle, then post both the craft (or pictures of it) and the write up here. You can submit as many entries as you want.

The contest ends on December 5th at 6:00 PM GMT. Winners will announced on December 9th at 6:00 PM GMT.

For more information, go here.

Saturday, November, 08, 2014

Third Annual Serious Gaming Day - Louva-Deus - 1:12 PM

Hello! Tomorrow (Nov. 9th) is our third annual Serious Gaming Day holiday! And we hope you will take some time to celebrate it with us, in spirit if nothing else.

So what is SGD? Well, it is a holiday that Seriously! created so that gamers everywhere would take a day to harken back to your roots as a gamer. To pull out those 'Serious' games that defined your journey and made you want to become a lifetime gamer.

Now when you are done with this experience we would love to hear how it went for you. What did you play? For how long? What was it like? Let's hear all of the juicy details!

Join the SGD movement! Spread the word to as many ears as you can, to as many communities that you can, so that we can all join in a celebration of what it really means to be a gamer!

Friday, November, 07, 2014

Star Sam mod for Serious Sam 3: BFE - Squadala - 6:51 AM

This week at Seriously!, we're featuring a WIP Serious Sam 3: BFE mod:

Star Sam by Pan

Star Sam brings the gameplay of games like Star Fox 64 to Serious Sam 3. Currently, the player can play versus against friends while flying various ships from Star Fox and . A single player campaign is currently being worked on.

We managed to interview Pan about the mod's development progress so far. He talks about an upcoming single player campaign for the mod and how he managed to implement drivable space ships in Serious Sam 3.

Will players eventually be able to do things like the infamous barrel roll?

Pan: They already can! That function has been implemented. Although it's more useful in the Realism game mode. I'm looking into making players able to do flips and other evasion maneuvers in the future. 

The latest version of the mod can be found in this forum thread. The mod is still being updated, so make sure to check the thread often for the latest version!

Thursday, November, 06, 2014

The Talos Principle Public Test demo released! - Squadala - 7:28 AM

The Talos Principle Public Test demo is now out on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux! The demo lets players try out four puzzles with several of the mechanics from the final game. They can also play with a benchmarking bot and use the demo to report performance problems to Croteam.

The demo can be downloaded here. It will be available for a limited time, so try it out now!

Croteam has also released a video for the demo, which can be seen below:

Tuesday, November, 04, 2014

New The Talos Principle interview reveals a Talos tech demo is coming to Steam! - Squadala - 4:37 PM

Venture Beat has released an interview about The Talos Principle with Alen Ladavac!

Before starting the interview, the writer states that a tech demo for The Talos Principle will be released this Thursday on Steam! It's unknown exactly what it'll feature, but it sounds like it should be picked up by anyone interested in the game and wanting to try it out before they commit a purchase.

The interview with Alen discusses how Croteam made their own bot in order to test the game. In order to speed up testing, one of their programmers wrote a bot that recorded what human testers did, then goes through the levels itself. When it finds a bug, it automatically reports it, then uses cheats to continue. The bot goes as fast as as CPU can calculate how the bot and the game's phsysics work, meaning it can complete several entire playthroughs of the game per day. Human playtesters are still used, but they focus on things that a bot can't judge, like the story and the visuals. Alen also states they'll use it in future Croteam games.

Alen also has a somewhat in-depth discussion about how The Talos Principle started:

We didn’t plan it! It happened spontaneously. The idea to do a different [intellectual property] had been cooking for a long time. As we worked on the next Serious Sam game, our team experimented with some new gameplay involving devices. Two team members created a series of test levels for our teammates to sample.

I created levels of complexity that fit into the Serious Sam universe, but my colleague didn’t stop there. He also created several very demanding levels to test the maximum complexity that could be achieved within our new gameplay concepts.

For anyone interested in how games are tested, the interview is a good read.

Monday, November, 03, 2014

The Talos Principle Coming December 11th - Louva-Deus - 2:23 PM

Today, Mike Mahardy, of IGN, has posted a release date for The Talos Principle! According to him the PC, Mac, and Linux versions will be released on December 11th, with the PS4 and Android versions coming in Q1 of next year! Please note that this has not yet been confirmed with Croteam. He also had the following announcement:

Publisher Devolver Digital said the game will be available for pre-order once Steam updates today, with a 10 percent discount off the $40 USD price. Those who pre-order it will also receive a giftable copy of Serious Sam 3: BFE.

Check it out here! And, as always, you can speculate about this awesome news in the Official Talos Principle Forum.

The Disciples of The Talos Principle! - Solais - 7:13 AM


My children! You have risen from the dust and now walk in my garden! Know that I am your maker, and I am called ELOHIM.

Join the Disciples of The Talos Principle today to seek the truth in the Hidden Words! Let this be our covenant: If you do join my Disciples, you may be granted the chance to prove your worth to walk in my temple!

However, do not listen to the Deceiver slithering through the Words! His words are poison and seeks your undoing!

On your path towards the Truth, you might be granted wonderful rewards. But if your faith is true, a mighty warrior may join you as well, to fight against the darkness!

--- Information of Giveaway Event Transmitted ---

Behold! These are my Blessed Messengers! They bring you word about your coming trials in the Garden of Worlds. Listen to them and learn, as you are still children, and children were made to learn. But through learning you may attain better knowledge of your journey ahead!


Analyzing Admin Request.........................................................Done!

Analyzing Talos Principle Preview Data.......................................Done!

Copying Talos Principle Preview Data..........................................Done!

Creating Links.........................................................................Done!

Initiating Plain Language Interface.............................................Done!

Rock Paper Shotgun's Preview

The Talos Principle is a very clever, very calm creation. Which is a surprising new direction from Croteam, who have previously given us the splendid madcap frenzy of Serious Sam shooters. While clearly sharing the same fast-paced twitchy controls of the Serious Engine, and a similar design ethic of ruined civilisations, beyond this Talos is dramatically different. It’s a captivating first-person puzzle game, more influenced by Portal than Doom, with an intricate back-story questioning the nature of consciousness and personhood told through fascinating interactions with an AI.

United Front Gaming's Preview

Like the label says, The Talos Principle features puzzles. What it doesn’t say is how drastically different they are in terms of difficulty. Each puzzle falls into one of three colors. The green puzzles are the easiest and unlocked new areas for you to explore. The yellow ones offer a moderate challenge and grant you helpful items once solved. Lastly, the red and most difficult puzzles unlock the final tower’s levels. The goal seems to be to make it through the tower by first solving the red puzzles. The other two provide the means to do so; new areas with their own red puzzles and items to help you complete them. Though, that’s just an assumption as I’ve only covered the first part of the game.

Excess Data Detected! Displaying Video Data of the First Lottery Draw

Saturday, November, 01, 2014

Bi-Weekly Showcase #10 - Oben - 11:35 AM

Hello guys and girls! Oben here! First of all, I wish you a Happy Halloween on behalf of Seriously! Staff. A brand new, flashing, shocking Bi-Weekly-ish Showcase awaits you! So, let’s start!

Rakanishu’s Showcase

As we can see on the screens he shared, Rakanishu is working hard on his space campaign. He also announced that he won’t be here for some time after releasing his little map pack. It includes 2 DM and 1 CTF maps! Visit his showcase now!

Thana’s Insane Showcase

New showcase, new ideas… and more! She started remaking the Serious Sam HD: FE maps, and they look awesome for sure! Really exciting work is being done here!

Emperor Danny’s Serious Sam 2 Showcase

After a while, Danny is back to work on his “Toxic Mountains” campaign and made a new enemy model named “Toxic Elemental” !

Noam2000's Toilet

Noam2000 has made a Survival map for Serious Sam 3 while he is working on a “big Project-o”.

Maska322's Showcase

Maska322 has started work on the third part of his campaign. He mentioned that in this part, you are on planet Sirius, space ships and military bases! He already finished the first map of the campaign: Saw-War City and started the second map which takes place in Cosmos! It's looking great! Visit his showcase for more screens.

Finzy’s Frozen Asylum

Finzy decided to modify his newest map into a new campaign. Here are the screens that he shared recently.

21st Century Slayer Thing’s

Slayer5381 has shared his showcase recently. He also released a new DM map. Currently, he is working on a new map named “Dark Vengeance” ! Take a look to this brand new showcase!

MOD: Serious Sam: Pirate Encounter

Let us introduce you to a new mod for Serious Sam 3! It is made by Sly7745, requires JoTN DLC package. The story is the following: “After Serious Sam 3, Sam somehow got teleported to a different time and location. Now he has to find a way to time travel back to Egypt.” Here's some screenies!

We’re again near the end. See you on next Bi-Weekly Showcase!



Thursday, October, 30, 2014

Introducing Croteam Website HD! - Solais - 9:31 AM

We think it's not a secret to anyone that Croteam's original website have been always looking maybe a little outdated. As in, it looked the same as it did 16 years ago.

However, today like a miracle out of nowhere, Croteam's site have been completely revamped, with fresh information about their Company, Technology, Games, and - most importantly for those out there with talent and love for games - a Career page, where you can apply for a job at Croteam! I recommend the Outsourced jobs personally, as you don't need to move to Croatia to do that job. (From what we get, anyways!)

Follow this link to be amazed of Croteam's new site!

Sunday, October, 26, 2014

Halloween Classic Playthrough! - Louva-Deus - 10:07 PM

This Friday and Saturday Seriously! and 42 Amsterdam are hosting a special Halloween Classic Playthrough of the original smash hits Serious Sam: The First Encounter and Serious Sam: The Second Encounter. Thanks to the power of Anti-GameSpy magic we will take the fight to the forces of Mental. So anytime you feel like it, just drop into one of our servers on those days (First Encounter on Friday and Second Encounter on Saturday) and have a blast! And for those that are interested, in addition to our two dedicated campaign servers, we are planning to have one server running custom maps the entire time.

We look forward to seeing you there! By the way, as a community service we ask that you invite everyone you have ever known who played these games to come join the fun!

P.S: We will be using version 1.05 of The Second Encounter because it is much more stable.

Thursday, October, 23, 2014

Persepolis Map Pack - Louva-Deus - 10:48 PM

This week's feature project is the Persepolis Map Pack by Rakanishu. He released this pack on Steam and you simply have to try it out. The screenshots do not do it justice.

Persepolis Map Pack by Rakanishu

The Persepolis Map Pack is the first part of a grand three-pack campaign featuring epic new maps styled after the original game locales. This pack is available now for Serious Sam Revolution on the Steam Workshop.

To make the Persepolis Pack experience even better, Raka has added the new enemies available in Revolution to create a totally new experience from the classic formula.

We interviewed Rakanishu about this project and here is what he had to say:

Q: What kind of impact, if any, do you hope Persepolis will have on the community in the years to come?

Rakanishu: This is maybe not a well-known campaign, but I would like that when people remember it, that they say "Ohh yes, 'Persepolis Mappack', such memories" or things likes that...

You can read the rest of the interview here. We look forward to seeing more from this guy in the future!

You can download Persepolis Map Pack from Rakanishu's Steam Workshop. Also, check out his Showcase Thread to see his latest and greatest projects! Let the games begin!

Saturday, October, 18, 2014

Super fast news: Talos is being streamed RIGHT NOW for Charity - Solais - 9:17 AM

Click here RIGHT NOW! Also, donate if you can. It's for a great cause!



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