Serious Sam: Xbox Review

By Jason "Rodzilla" Rodzik - November 11, 2002

Serious Sam came from a little country called Croatia that most people probably thought was the name of a seafood dish from China. With the release of Public Test 1 in mid-2000, PC gaming was flipped completely upside down, taking gamers back to the days of Doom in which your only goal is to obliterate anything and everything on your screen.

Fast forward two years: Serious Sam: The First Encounter has recieved praise from all over, even garnering Gamespot's GOTY award for 2001; Serious Sam: The Second Encounter has just been released, and Croteam begins work on their next project, which turned out to be Serious Sam: XBox. Taking the first two encounters, combining them into one seamless game, and improving things along the way, SS: Xbox never fails to deliver.

As I sit down to write this review for all those readers out there who want to know if they should buy it or not, I try and think of what to say. Criticize the smallest thing and I'll be lynched and likely booted off of my own website. Deliver praise and I'll be eaten alive by mongerers who claim the game is nothing but monotonously boring. Step back for a second and think about what a game is meant to be. You likely came up with what boils down to a single idea behind every game in existance - fun. Games are meant to be fun and entertaining, and that is exactly what Serious Sam for the Xbox is from beginning to end.

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