Screenshots from GamePlay magazine

By The Serious Spoon - May 17, 2007

Although we have translated the texts below the pictures, do not take any of it as correct. The reason being that it seems the interviewer assumed which pictures represent what, which may or may not be correct. We have only translated them because we expect people will want to know what the text says.

Note that some early pictures are created simply to show off engine features when the project is being shown to publishers. For example, one of the pictures looks very Doom 3-like, and the interviewer wrote that the image is from Serious Sam 3. However, Alen Cepin told us that it isn't true. Although we do not wish to speculate much, it seems logical that it could be part of a demonstration meant for id Software, since this is the general look of their games, and it would make sense to show what the engine can do in that regard.

The only pictures we are fairly certain were from either project are the composite image of weapons and locales, and the images of the Hummer and the Black Hawk. The rest are likely taken from techncial demonstrations, unless otherwise noted by a member of Croteam.

Serious Sam 3 The development of the game is going very well and judging by the exclusive pictures we got, Croteam is on the right track to create another excellent title and surpass the incredible success of Serious Sam 1.

(Un)announced project We bring you the exclusive first pictures of Croteam's (un)announced action-tactical FPS project.

Horror No, this isn't a new sequel to Doom, it's one of the scary opponents in Serious Sam 3.

(the direction is left-right)

Zrinjevac The famous park in Zagreb recreated with the tools from Croteam's new graphical engine.
Coastal town We believe our readers from the coastal region will surely recognize the coastal town accurately created in Serious Engine 3.
The streets of Zagreb The front of building in Zagreb carefully reconstructed in Serious Engine 3.
Human face Creating a believable human face is one of the most difficult challenges of modern graphical engines, and SE 3 is clearly up to the challenge.
Advanced physics Complex physical behavior of fluids is just one of the advanced characteristics of Serious Engine 3.
Photorealism Another step to absolute photorealism in games.

War machinery The most modern military vehicles and aircraft will have a big role in Croteam's new, still officially (un)announced project.

Serious Editor 3 The basic tool for working with Serious engine 3

Ideas Another potential project by Croteam or just another extremely successful technological demo?

(the direction is left-right)

War theme After the somewhat relaxed and crazy content [in the Serious Sam series], Croteam decided to go with a realistic approach to the theme of modern warfare in their new project.
Visual authenticity These realistic models of soldiers from the game testify that this is a true next generation FPS.
Urban warfare Judging by the first pictures it is apparent the game will combine war in open spaces like streets and squares with the insides of buildings and facilities.
Croatian technology The base of this kind of hyper-realistic graphical scenes is the highly advanced Serious engine 3.
Weapons A drastic detachment from Croteam's previous work on Serious Sam, the weapons in their new title are based on and constructed to correspond to existing military weapons.

The best of the best No, this isn't the Unreal engine 3, it's the newest graphical technology Made in Croatia by Croteam

Serious Engine 3 And just when you thought this was a picture of last year's vacation in Egypt... you realize how convincing Croteam's new graphical engine is.