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Seriously! has had the privilege of serving the hundreds of thousands of fans of the Serious Sam franchise since 2000, when we started this shindig, and we have done so through thick and thin. We have provided news updates, file hosting, technical support, and much more without spoiling the experience with masses of advertising banners, waiting lines to download files, or unreasonable censorship. The only advertising we have ever run has been a simple banner at the top of every page.

In order to keep this site going we would like to ask anyone who is feeling generous to consider donating money to our website. Every little bit helps to keep us alive. Most of the revenue we receive from advertising, donations, and our hosting service go to cover the cost of operating the site, merchandising fees, domain subscription fees, and maintaining its business licenses. Anything over that goes towards our Community Enrichment Project (CEP), which goes to many things from events to prizes, and more.

There are two ways that you can donate to Seriously!

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Choose exactly how much to give. Whether it's as small as $5 (please nothing less), or as much as $8,000,000 (yeah, right...), every little bit helps! You can donate online through PayPal by clicking the following button and following the instructions:

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If you can, we would prefer that you subscribe to a monthly payment plan. You can choose from a monthly donation of $5, $10, or $15 orrrrr pay for the entire hosting cost for a year $220, and you can cancel at any time.

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