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  • JazzMan on 2003-Jan-25 12:52:07 JazzMan said

    Serious light saber's!!!
  • Dark Death on 2003-Feb-07 14:24:08 Dark Death said

    Sam:Come here,You stupid bomber!!!
    Bomber:Cool glasses!!I'l give you 10,000 bombs back!!
  • Zoot on 2003-Jun-08 17:40:37 Zoot said

  • bigguy on 2003-Jun-17 02:55:42 bigguy said

  • none on 2004-Apr-30 15:47:05 none said

    This will be a good replacement for the knife for Star Wars (tm) fans.
  • SeRiOuS_PuNk on 2004-Aug-07 03:27:48 SeRiOuS_PuNk said

    i since a starwars replacement knife model n model coming out o yeah BAAZAAM! o_o
  • The_Almighty_Taco on 2004-Nov-23 14:40:07 The_Almighty_Taco said

    lololol.where did you get the light saber pics off
  • sam's girlfriend! on 2005-Apr-03 16:24:55 sam's girlfriend! said

    Headless guy: Let the force be with you master jedi! Sam: If you don't give me back
    my glasses I am going to cut your head off!
    wait,you don't have head?
  • on 2008-Oct-23 22:04:17 said