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Thursday, July, 24, 2014

Open Season! A Sunday Massacre.. - Louva-Deus - 9:10 AM - Comments

Hello Serious Fans! Today I am declaring Open Season! This is a new event we'll be doing every Sunday for the foreseeable future. Every Sunday we want you to submit screenshots of your best kills in any Serious Sam game of your choice for the chance to win a free game. The rules are simple:

  1. Your kill shots must be of another player, that you just wasted, and not any of the game enemies, NPCs, or AI bots.
  2. Images of falling corpses are way better than pictures of bodies on the ground, unless they are hilarious.
  3. Funny kills or death poses will get higher value.
  4. Winner is by majority vote on the comments thread attached to this news post and any future announcement posts.
  5. Videos will not be accepted, so you will have to pull your best still shot from the video to submit.

This is your chance to get rewarded for slaughtering your friends.. or enemies. So gear up for the blood bath because this Sunday is going to be messy.. and oh so good!

Prize Pool

Keep firing soldier!

Tuesday, July, 22, 2014

Fanart/Cosplay Roundup - July 22nd : Let's Play Edition - Valerie Valens - 7:44 AM - Comments

I Love Let's Plays, they are one of the best ways to share your own experiences of playing a video game to the viewing public, and these are especially enteraining when it involves a co-operative session with a couple of amusing personalities.

I bring this up because every so often, a Let's Play series has fan-art drawn for it, often involving the personalities playing as their in-game characters. In this instance, a co-operative Let's Play series of the much-underrated Serious Sam II gets fan-art drawn of it by one of the players/personalities. Check these out!

If you are interested, you can check out the artist's Youtube Channel where he posts a plethora of gaming videos. More specifically, the Serious Sam 2 Let's Play Playlist that he is currently uploading to Youtube as we speak.

That's all we have for now, stay tuned next time for more cosplay and fanart round-ups from around the internet, and as always, stay Serious!

Monday, July, 21, 2014

Weekly Showcase #1 - Solais - 8:18 AM - Comments

Hey there everyone, let us present you a new kind of feature we decided to start as part of the "Seriously New Direction 2014", which is about YOU!

This new feature is named "Weekly Showcase". Similar to the monthly workshop roundup, the Showcase will be about highlighting any progress, screenshot, trailer, etc. of any Sam-related map or mod that's currently in the works on our forums. So basically, instead of focusing on completed works on the Steam Forums, the Showcase will focus mainly on incomplete works on the forums only (but it will also focus on project releases, patches and the like too).

The goal of the Weekly Showcase is to provide links to the showcases of the various great modders of our community to make their works more known; and not just for the large projects like with our Interview Highlights. This way, everyone who does any sort of small mod or map for the SS games might get their place in the highlight.

Of course, it might be possible that we miss some projects. If that happens, please mention that mistake to us and we make sure your stuff will be presented next week. We'd be also curious about any feedback about this feature, how we could improve, extend it!

Now for last week's great updates, we have three to show:

Super Seriously! Kart

Pan's greatly unique Serious Karting project have recently released a brand new beta trailer, which you can watch below. There have been also other news about new kinds of car types, it seems? For more information, visit the project's thread Here.

Maska322's Showcase

In Maska332's showcase thread, alongside his brilliant art, some new screenshots have appeared about a new Egypt-themed level, created for Serious Sam 1. What could it be? Find out more in his Showcase thread Here.

Rakanishu's Showcase

Rakanishu is a veteran Classic Serious Sam 1 mapper, and he shows off his skills in a new campaign that will take Sam around the world yet again, and now, even outer space! He has been releasing screenshots for a while, if you maybe grew curious by the two posted below, you can check out his Showcase thread Here.

And that's all folks for the last week! See you again in a week!

Saturday, July, 19, 2014

E3 Roundup: The Talos Principle, Aftermath - Solais - 6:24 AM - Comments

Been a month now since E3 ended, but there are still a few articles and previews appearing about Croteam's The Talos Principle. For this final round up, we have Destructoid 's preview, Platform Nation's preview, a video from TegraZone and last, but not least, a long video interview by Project 510! First, let us look at the video interview (told you it wasn't the least!):


Exploration is a key component, because a good portion of the philosophical questions are delivered through it. Jubert's goal in crafting the story was to make it a personal affair, with the idea that "whatever kind of philosophical baggage you carry around with you, you'll be able to express that in the game."

Seems like exploration will be important in Talos, which was later confirmed by Croteam on the Steam Forums, as Talos will also contain multiple secret levels too!

Platform Nation

It appears to be just a computer terminal. It has a few rudimentary functions available, like listing files and accessing help pages and reading files. However, opening and reading parts of the terminal revealed it to be much more than a computer. It was talking to me, asking questions and responding to me in kind. It asked me about the pieces and the narrator. It questioned my ostensible allegiance with it by solving each puzzle.

The mystery deepens, yet we get more and more answers about the elusive philosophical aspect of Croteam's puzzle game...


In this exclusive interview with Tom Jubert, narrative designer for The Talos Principle, he explains the concept of the game while providing a quick gameplay demonstration.

This article is mostly a video. You can find it on the link, a little down. The game looks so simple, yet the looks might be deceiving!

The Talos Principle is being developed by Croteam, published by Devolver Digital, it is also written by Tom Jubert (FtL : Faster than Light and The Swapper) and Jonas Kyratzes (Infinite Ocean, a philosophical sci-fi adventure), and with a music score by Damjan Mravunac, the original composer behind the Serious Sam Franchise. Stay tuned for more news about the game as soon as they develop!

Friday, July, 18, 2014

Serious Sam 3 - Unity Edition - Louva-Deus - 1:07 AM - Comments

Seriously!'s latest feature interview is with the developer known as Harbinger on Steam and known as Klastnic on our forums. We are always happy to showcase projects and hope to see yours up here some day. Over the years the Serious Sam franchise has picked up many followers and every once in a while one of them will have a passion for modding. And that is where this story begins:

Serious Sam 3 - Unity Edition by Harbinger (a.k.a. Klastnic)

If you have ever wondered what was missing from your Serious Sam 3: BFE experience then maybe this project is for you. Unity Edition is an attempt to add all of the publicly released monsters from the Steam Workshop into the main campaign for the game to add more variety and bigger battles.

Serious Sam 3 - Unity Edition was recently featured in one of 7Smoke's gaming events (the video above shows some of the gameplay). While this mod is not the first of its kind that only modifies the original gameplay, it is certainly much more thorough than most in the variety it includes.

We recently interviewed Harbinger (a.k.a. Klastnic) and asked him why he created this project. Here is what he had to say:

Harbinger: SS3 - Unity Edition brings all the communities resources into one single mod in which you encounter them. It means to me that now I'm contributing to the community by making a mod of all their work.

Needless to say we hope to see much more from him in the future. Check out our full interview with Harbinger for more info!

You can subscribe to Serious Sam 3 - Unity Edition on Steam Workshop and try it out for yourself.

Subscribe to Serious Sam 3 - Unity Edition

Be sure to give the creator your feedback by dropping some comments on his forum thread

Sam on!

Monday, July, 07, 2014

Serious Workshop Content Roundup - June 2014 - Louva-Deus - 9:01 AM - Comments

Here are the latest and greatest workshop projects from June, 2014! Boy those Revolution guys sure know how to pump out the stuff! Look at how much they put out last month compared to TSE and SS3... wow. Good job guys! :D

Serious Sam: Revolution

Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter

Serious Sam 3: BFE

Friday, July, 04, 2014

Celebrate the Fourth of July by playing Seriously DooMed! - Squadala - 4:26 PM - Comments

We at Seriously! would like to give American readers a happy Fourth of July! If you don’t have anything to do during the holiday, why not give Seriously DooMed, a Serious Sam 3: BFE mod by StealthToast, a try?

Seriously DooMed makes Serious Sam 3 play like the Doom games. It draws most of its inspiration from the classic Doom games, but there’s a small touch of Doom 3’s mechanics to keep things interesting. Everything has been changed in one way or another; enemies, look, behave and sound like Doom’s enemies do, the weapons have been reskinned and modified so that they’re like Doom’s weapons, the HUD (including the weapon positions on the screen!) have been moved around so that they match Doom’s as best as they can, and even the difficulty levels have been changed to be like Doom’s! To top it off, the music in the game has been changed to remixes of Doom’s music to really make it feel like you’re playing a Doom game!

This mod is a nice change of pace for those that want a good mod that changes how SS3 plays. The maps are still the same as they are in the original game, but the gameplay is different enough that it’ll feel like you’re playing a new game! Granted, one that has a lot of Doom elements, but still.

To play Seriously DooMed, download part one and two by going here and here, then clicking “Subscribe”. Start SS3 in moddable mode, and you should be good to go.

Thursday, June, 26, 2014

Summer Social Giveaway #1 - Louva-Deus - 12:20 AM - Comments

As a part of our campaign to bring more fans together through our official IRC channel, Seriously!, will be hosting a series of giveaways all summer long that will feature free games and/or DLC and not all of them will be Serious Sam related, just to keep things interesting. Very soon we will have a prize page posted with all of the available prizes (at least 40 in all).

Our first giveaway of the summer will take place on this Friday and Saturday (June 27-28, all day) and we will be giving away 6 bundles of Serious Sam Revolution and Serious Sam Classics, The First Encounter and The Second Encounter; 3 copies of Serious Sam 2; 3 copies of Serious Sam: Double D XXL; and 3 copies of Serious Sam: The Random Encounter.

If you would like a chance to win any of these or future prizes during our Seriously! Summer Social 2014, then log onto our IRC channel via your favorite IRC program or through our WebIRC chat page. Join the channel and stick around for a while. Bonus points to those who stay a while, more bonus points for those who participate in a discussion, and extra bonus points for bringing a friend!

Look forward to seeing you there!

P.S. Don't worry if nobody seems to be active if you join at a weird time of the day. We are logging the chat and know who joins and how long they stay. You won't be penalized.

Tuesday, June, 24, 2014

Fanart/Cosplay Roundup - June 25 - Valerie Valens - 7:56 PM - Comments

The Serious Sam community is very creative with lots of weird and far out fan-art, but this time, we have a few very good pieces of fan-art to show you.

Starting off with a gender-bender. Collon13 did a paint-over of one of the promotional images of Serious Sam 3 to show what Sam would look like if he were female. The artist did a pretty good job of preserving the badass attitude while making Sam look decidedly female.

Next up, we have an artist's rendition of what a Kleer would have looked like before Mental burned the flesh off their bones with lava. It is pretty faithful to what they look like in-game. Good job, EmeraldRampage!

With the hypothetical fan-art out of the way, we have a solid no-frills grey-scale painting by 120-Paintings of Serious Sam chilling out with a minigun. This is very nicely done and shows the artist's firm grasp on form and value.

Last, but not least, we have an excellent cover to a Serious Sam fan-comic in progress by our very own FranckyFox2468. The stylization of Serious Sam and Mental's forces in this image shows a lot of expressive personality. Everyone should check his comic out, there are 2 pages done so far as of the time of writing, and there are more to look forward to!

That's all we have for today! There will be more to come in the future. Have a nice day and stay Serious!

Friday, June, 20, 2014

The Lost Soul Mission Pack - Solais - 8:58 AM - Comments

This week at Seriously! we take a trip to the Macedonian city of Kumanovo:

The Lost Soul by Marko Dzoni

The Lost Soul is custom campaign for Serious Sam 3: BFE featuring a new hero, Jason "Caspar" Wytee, a soldier who survived a terrible helicopter crash. Now he is trying to find his friends, while trying to find his way out of this land. The 4 level campaign takes place around the city of Kumanovo and other surrounding areas.

Indeed, it is an adventure different that the regular Sam romp, as Marko says, "I hope that people will understand that I wanted to make my own story there and my own gameplay and also characters and I didn't want it do be close to Serious Sam." We sure understand as we blast our way through town!

We recently interviewed Marko and asked him about The Lost Soul and you should check it out!

You can get The Lost Soul in his forum thread

Please note, for The Lost Soul to work you must also have the following things installed: Ultimate Resource Pack and Mischievous' NPCs.

Sam on!

Thursday, June, 19, 2014

Fanart/Cosplay Roundup - June 20 - Louva-Deus - 10:17 PM - Comments

Check out the latest cosplay images! If these guys can do it, so can you!

Cosplaying as Serious Sam makes you seriously cool. So be sure to send us pictures of you in your secret Serious Sam outfit we all know you are hiding! ;)

Wednesday, June, 18, 2014

E3 Roundup: The Talos Principle, Part 3 - Solais - 3:27 PM - Comments

While E3 is long over, previews and videos of Croteam's new game, The Talos Principle still keep rolling! Today we have Gamefront's preview, with some new footage as a side dish, courtesy of Gamereactor.


Today, The Talos Principle feels inspired, a calm, thoughtful experience in the midst of the same sorts of video game madness we’ve always had. That Croteam would be responsible for it, out of all the devs at E3, feels like a big deal. The Serious Sam people made the chillest demo I saw/played at E3, and that is good.

The article also goes into detail to how some of the puzzles work, and how the concepts are easy to pick up, but can be difficult to master.


Gamereactor doesn't seem to be very talkative about the game just yet, but they did promise an interview with Croteam soon appearing on their site. For now, enjoy the short footage of the game, finally showing off one of the Tetris block puzzles! Also, they seem to confirm that Serious Sam 4 fans shouldn't worry, the game still comes this year.

Both games are due out later this year, and we interviewed the team last week at E3: expect to see that GRTV piece on the site shortly. For now, wrap your eyes (and head) around some gameplay recorded at the show.

Croteam also confirmed this on their website:

We revealed our new FP3 (first person philosophical puzzler) at E3 Expo in Los Angeles last week. Judging by the previews and comments popping out each day, we are on the right track as many of you find this change of pace very intriguing and positive. This is also a big step for Croteam, so we'd like to thank you in advance for your support! And don't worry, there will be Serious Sam 4 after Talos and it will rock!

I'm sure this is great news for both Serious Sam fans and fans of the first person puzzler genre!

The Talos Principle is being developed by Croteam, published by Devolver Digital, it is also written by Tom Jubert (FtL : Faster than Light and The Swapper) and Jonas Kyratzes (Infinite Ocean, a philosophical sci-fi adventure), and with a music score by Damjan Mravunac, the original composer behind the Serious Sam Franchise. Stay tuned for more news about the game as soon as they develop!

Tuesday, June, 17, 2014

Serious Workshop Content Roundup - May 2014 - Louva-Deus - 9:59 PM - Comments

Due to E3 we had to delay our usual roundups but here they are! Here are the latest and greatest workshop projects from May, 2014! Also, now introducing Revolution Workshop content!

Serious Sam: Revolution

Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter

Serious Sam 3: BFE

Saturday, June, 14, 2014

E3 Roundup: The Talos Principle, Part 2 - Valerie Valens - 7:50 PM - Comments

If the previews, and Gamespot's 'Best of Show' nomination are anything to go by, Croteam's new Philosophical First-Person Puzzler has managed to steal the spotlight of E3 and turn the heads of many video game journalists. As these previews by FrontTowardsGamer and The Escapist Magazine would show, The Talos Principle is definitely a game to look forward to.


The Talos Principle definitely has something interesting going on between the lines...The Talos Principle bears resemblance to Myst in the way of exploring islands occupied by mysterious puzzles and machinery. You play as an artificial intelligence trying to piece together its origins, all while being guided by a omnipresent voice in the sky...Croteam is looking to do more than just tell a good story, but also challenge your philosophical beliefs as the player.

The preview also goes on to detail more aspects of the gameplay that should prove interesting. This includes multiple ways to solve a puzzle, a formidable challenge with plenty of different mechanics being thrown at the player at once, and most interestingly, different endings based on the players' decisions throughout the game.

The Escapist Magazine

For the full game, players can take puzzles in an order of their choosing, free to explore the world at any time. However, parts of the world are locked until you find the corresponding sigil. Each sigil can be discovered through different puzzles, so if you get stuck in one puzzle, you can move on to a different one without fear of being stuck in the story with no way to advance.

The Escapist Magazine writer talks about how the game would deal with issues of transhumanity, as well as study the meaning of intelligence. They also talk about how the solutions of the puzzles ranges from the obvious to those that require that the player sit down and think for a while.

The Talos Principle is being developed by Croteam, published by Devolver Digital, it is also written by Tom Jubert (FtL : Faster than Light and The Swapper) and Jonas Kyratzes (Infinite Ocean, a philosophical sci-fi adventure), and with a music score by Damjan Mravunac, the original composer behind the Serious Sam Franchise. With a talented team like this, The Talos Principle looks to be an instant hit.

Friday, June, 13, 2014

E3 Roundup: The Talos Principle, Part 1 - Louva-Deus - 11:39 AM - Comments

Croteam's new game, The Talos Principle, which was revealed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo this year met with surprise, excitement, and a lot of speculation. Fan reactions have been almost overwhelmingly positive and I am sure that their enthusiasm is well deserved. We have only seen a glimpse of what this amazing game has to offer, but there is already a lot to get excited about.

Now that E3 is over and the previews are flooding the web, we here at Seriously! are going to attempt to glean what we can about Talos from the media, just for you, our loyal fans. First up are preview articles from Gamnesia and GameSpot.


Among the aisles of indie games on display in E3’s PlayStation section, I came across one very interesting title which I’d actually never heard of: The Talos Principle, a phrase meaning “the body cannot live without the soul and vice-versa” which the developers extrapolated from the mythological figure Talos.

In questioning the developers, Gamnesia learned that the story premise for this game is to discover the ultimate meaning to human existence and what it means to be human. The player takes on the role of a robot trying to answer these questions by solving various puzzles, both physical and mental. And as for the puzzles themselves: challenging


Foolishly, I entered a “hard” puzzle first, and quickly backtracked to find something more my speed. Ah, easy. Now there's a tune I can whistle.

The GameSpot writer noted that Talos was a game he might have overlooked if he had known who the developers were before trying it out. But after experiencing the game first-hand he is now looking forward to the final release with gleeful anticipation.

After getting a taste of The Talos Principle, I cannot wait to uncover more of the mystery. Just navigating that computer dialogue was enough to draw me in. There were so many choices in what to write that I eagerly awaited each response, so I can only imagine what lies in the finished product.

Contrary to what the media think, Croteam is not as new to the puzzle genre as it might appear. Puzzles, in one form or another, have been a part of the Serious Sam franchise from the beginning. That being said, The Talos Principle is not your average puzzle game. In fact, it is an attempt to delve into philosophy and answer larger questions about ourselves and about life. This is not a comedy and there is no shooting. But it will be fun and it will blow your mind.





 The Second Encounter

 The First Encounter