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Croteam interview reveals some new Serious Sam 4 details

Croatian video game website Reboot has done a video interview with Croteam, discussing Serious Sam 4 and how things work behind the scenes at Croteam, such as how they brainstorm game design and make graphic assets. Some Serious Sam 4 tidbits include that the game will be a prequel to Serous Sam 3: BFE and that Serious Sam 4 will avoid Serious Sam 3's “dark and monotonous aesthetics”.

Watch it below with English subtitles:

Serious Sam 4 will use Vulkan!

Alen Ladavac, Croteam's chief technical engineer, has posted here that Serious Sam 4 will be using Vulkan, a upcoming graphics API developed by the same group that maintains OpenGL. Vulkan's chief advantage is its combination of high performance and low CPU usage. Vulkan is also usable on multiple operating systems, so Windows and Linux users can enjoy Serious Sam 4 with Vulkan's advantages.

Alen has also confirmed that The Talos Principle will be upgraded to use Vulkan when Vulkan launches and that Serious Sam 3: BFE might be upgraded to use Vulkan at some point.

Awesome Games Done Quick will be speedrunning The Talos Principle!

Awesome Games Done Quick will be hosting a 100% complete speedrun of The Talos Principle starting today at 9:55 PM (3:55 AM CET on January 6th) for cancer research. The target time is one hour and 40 minutes. There will also be a bonus incentive speedrun of the Road to Gehenna DLC done in 30 minutes if enough donations are received during The Talos Principle's speedrun.

When The Talos Principle speedrun starts, you can watch the speedrun on AGDQ's Twitch channel.

Happy New Year 2016!

Hey Samers! Seriously would like to wish you a happy new year! 2016 looks like it will be an interesting one and we look forward to experiencing it together.

New Hosted Site.. & Microbrush 3 Update!

Seriously! is now the proud host of the Shrinkerstenmeister! And he is famous for his love of furry things and coding ridiculously cool editors. ;)

To go with this announcement I'll also share with you some of his latest work on Microbrush 3, a badass thing that makes things and then you can do things with them (see below)!

Microbrush 3 now has working undo/redo and more stuff.

Latest changelog:

  • Fixed an undo/redo-related crash when closing a world or the editor
  • Added logging for the modeling tools - you now get live feedback on deltas, dimensions, counts, etc.
  • Extended the help system (comes up when you press F1 while hovering over a window, then rightclick on something) to display relevant currently bound shortcuts (main menu and Mb3 tools)
  • Deleting the selection set 1/2 is now properly undoable
  • Help messages and error messages are now displayed in the log even if the respective plugin is deactivated in the log
  • Modal tools are now canceled by nonmodal tools, too (e.g. making a box is canceled when deleting the selection)
  • The main menu now has a button explaining the not so obvious window controls
  • For better performance, the brush shader is now reused when a world is closed and then a new world created or opened
  • Extended the FAQ a bit
  • Bound opening a .mb3txt file to Ctrl+O (you can change that stuff in config.cfg)
  • Bound opening the toolbar to F10 (horizontal) and Shift+F10 (vertical)

Pretty cool stuff, eh? I have reliable intel to suggest that texture support is on the way... making this a useful tool for level designers/map makers who feel intimidated by more complex and much more expensive tools (Microbrush is free!).

Serious Sam 4's screenwriters announced!

Croteam has announced that Jonas and Verena Kyratzes will be the screenwriters for Serous Sam 4! Jonas has worked with Croteam previously as a writer for The Talos Principle, while Verena is all-new to the world of Croteam. No news about the actual story yet, but Damjan Mravunac, Croteam's CMO, said that “it will be worth the wait!”.

PS4 version of The Talos Principle will be released on October 13th!

The official Playstation blog has announced that the the Playstation 4 version of The Talos Principle, called The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition will be released on October 13th! The PS4 version also includes the recently-released Road to Gehenna DLC for free! It will be available digitally, but North and South American Talos fans can also get a physical version of the game, complete with special boxart! The Talos Principle's Facebook page has shared what the box art will look like, which can be seen below.

A new trailer that shows the basics of the story has appeared on the official Playstation Youtube channel as well.

New Serious Sam 2 patch fixes up InSamnity! 2

DwK has released a new patch for the Steam version of Serious Sam 2 that has several fixes for InSamnity! 2 and improved Vsync. The full changelog can be found below:

Update 244697 -- Improvements/Changes:

General changes
  • Wait for VSync is now handled only by the D3D device.
  • Added "Change active mod" file menu item and dialog for Serious Editor 2.
  • Added mod and version support to online match menus.
  • Improved controller support by making the distinction between what form of input was last processed more precise and include more usage scenarios.
InSamnity! 2 changes
  • Made mod and author text light gray instead of white for select mod scroll list items.
  • Fixed 1st person placements and FOV on weapons.
  • Fixed Dunes and Metropolis levels being locked by default in custom level menu.
  • Fixed Ursul Village door pusher Neanderthal not always getting made vulnerable.
  • Fixed Approaching City ride arrival script so Bull enemy that kills Simba hover craft rider won't remain invulnerable.
  • Added NPC subtitles and voice options.
  • Fixed Kamikaze run animation speed being a little fast.
  • Re-enabled item pickup element and created new text effect for it.
  • Fixed auto aim not working due to double initialization of base weapon var.
  • Fixed points not working properly in Single player.
  • Ammo items are no longer spawned on enemy death when using infinite ammo in single player.
  • Fixed item pickups not showing in the HUD.
  • Fixed issue with scrolling, up and down, in advanced profile options menu.
  • Removed "Check for updates" option in menus.
  • Fixed multiple column scroll lists not working properly with a controller.

If you have any issues or notice any bugs with the latest path, please post them on our Serious Sam 2 forum.