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The Talos Principle is Croteam's brand-new philosophical first-person puzzle game that nobody was expecting. It quickly reached the #3 best seller spot on Steam shortly after launch. Written by Tom Jubert (FTL, The Swapper) and Jonas Kyratzes (Infinite Ocean), Talos looks to be the next biggest puzzle game since Portal 2 and Antichamber.

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If you love to play Serious Sam Classic then check out 42 Amsterdam, one of the last bastions for the original masterpiece that started our beloved franchise.

Together Seriously! and 42 Amsterdam have overcome the GameSpy master-server problem and now you can rejoin the masses of Sam lovers who will never let a classic like this be laid to rest.

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A quick look at recent Road to Gehenna reviews

Reviews for the Road to Gehenna DLC for The Talos Principle are coming out. It seems reviewers are very fond of it, judging by the reviews covered below.

PC Gamer gave Road to Gehenna a 8.5 out of ten. Chris Thursten, the reviewer, enjoyed the puzzles and the new terminal system, but seemed to be disappointed by the lack of new puzzle elements, stating that “A few more surprises within the puzzles themselves would have made this expansion essential.”. Despite this, he still says that “it still comes highly recommended.”

Gamecloud scored Road to Gehenna a nine out of ten. The reviewer, William Kirk, states that, in the DLC, “everything is wholly refined” and that “It’s a game that focuses on mastery over new tricks; although, the star of the show is really Gehenna itself”. He seemed to enjoy how Gehenna feels more alive than the base game does thanks to the new terminal system.

Pixeldynamo's Melissa Vach has given Road to Gehenna a score of 8.8 out of 10. They spend a good amount of time discussing the difficulty of the puzzles in the DLC, stating that “’re going to need both creative thinking and accuracy for the puzzles in Road to Gehenna “.

Rock Paper Shotgun did not give the DLC a score, but seemed quite impressed with the writing and how difficult the puzzles are. The reviewer, John Walker , revealed that he actually write down possible solutions on paper, showing how much planning he put into solving the puzzles. He also seemed quite impressed with the writing in the terminals, noting that he “especially love(d) the genuinely cruel mockery of self-congratulatory communities’ praising each other’s mediocrity”.

InSamnity! 2 Rises Again In Latest Serious Sam 2 Update

The latest update for Serious Sam 2 includes a new mod loading menu and the resurrection of one of the best mods for the game: InSamnity! 2. If you have never played it, you should, now. You will find it in the "Select Mod" menu.

It is intense!

The full changelog is below.

Update 244138 -- Improvements/Changes:

  • Added "Use auto jump" player profile option.
  • Fixed overlapping text in customize controls menu screen due to 3 lines being possible due to the addition of controller support.
  • Fixed improper controller button icons showing for Netricsa menu.
  • Loading screen menu continue message now lists both buttons that can be used to continue.
  • Fixed some issues with the controller setup menu screen not always showing axes and button info properly.
  • Fixed not being able to interrupt boot intro movies with controller.
  • Improved using of the cheats menu by having it exit back to the game, except unlock levels, where it seems more appropriate to exit back to the in game menu.
  • Removed cheats button from main menu.
  • Moved vehicle health HUD element down and more to the side.
  • Fixed an issue with manual save naming when the only save is the "QuickSave".
  • Fixed manual saves not loading.
  • Created and implemented new 'Select Mod' menu.
  • The InSamnity! 2 mod is now an official mod and can be selected from the "Select Mod" menu available in the Main Menu.

Please report any bugs or issues with the latest patch on our Serious Sam 2 forum.

The Talos Principle: Road to Gehenna DLC is out!

The Road to Gehenna DLC for The Talos Principle has been released on Steam for Windows and Macintosh! It normally costs $14.99 USD, but there is a 10%-off discount available until July 30th.

Devolver Digital has also released a launch trailer for Road to Gehenna. Check it out!

The Talos Principle Nominated for Best Game 2015

The Talos Principle was nominated for best game of the year by The Geekie Awards for 2015! And this year they will be letting the audience vote for the winners! The voting will commence sometime in August (we'll let you know) and you will be able to vote once a day for Talos (support Croteam)!

The winner will be announced at the show on October 15th! I will be very disappointed if Talos doesn't win. So spread the word guys! Share this post with every Sam/Talos lover you know!

The Ustream announcement.

PS. The Road to Gehenna DLC will be unlocked within the next 8-9 hours!

Source files for many of the models in Serious Sam games released!

Here's some great news for fans that want to tinker with the art seen in the Serious Sam series; Croteam, via Seriously! member Solais, has released the source art files for many models seen in Serious Sam 2, Serious Sam HD, and Serious Sam 3: BFE! The models include enemies, weapons, vehicles, and Serious Sam 2's NPCs, along with many other miscellaneous models. The source releases include the textures, models, skeletons, and animations for many models in both .lwo (Lightwave 3D) and the “ascii” format used in the Serious Sam games. The sources can be exported into various Serious Sam games and modeling programs for editing. However, there are some issues; the animations in Serious Engine's format sometimes lack key animations. The Lightwave 3D sources have more animations, but it's currently difficult to convert them to a format that a Serious Sam game will read.

The model sources can be grabbed here.

Serious Sam Named One of Best All-Time Local Co-Op Games

Holy Grail From Hell recently published a list of the best local co-op games of all-time and Serious Sam is the fourth one on the list! Check it out!

You know what’s worse than a dead MMO? A game with dead online co-op. That is also the primary reason couch co-op comes about to be one of those cardinal features developers seem to overlook...

On Serious Sam: "Pure adrenaline rush with oddball enemy design and electric FPS action."

Patch for Steam version of Serious Sam 2 released!

DwK has released a new patch for the Steam version of Serious Sam 2. Though not a lot was changed this patch, it does have some big alterations, such as the ability to disable lives in coop mode and it makes defeating the final boss less reliant on Serious Damages.

The full changelog is below.

Update 243904 -- Improvements/Changes:

  • Added "Toggle last weapon" control.
  • Added 'Use lives' cooperative option, defaults to YES.
  • Fixed stretching of Netricsa icon texture and moved icon position so it doesn't overlap Armor element.
  • Increased forced shoot period for Mental fighters bomb drops so player stands a better chance of defeating Mental without Serious Damage.
  • Fixed force field for Jungle Stadium loop that was too small and made it hard to make the loop.
  • Fixed a place where players can get stuck at the end of Doomed Canyon level.
  • Fixed vertical weapons list not switching weapons when shortcut keys are used.

Please report any bugs or issues with the latest patch on our Serious Sam 2 forum.

Sign up for the Eridani Mapping Contest!

Seriously! community member Rakanishu is holding a mapping contest called the Eridani Mapping Contest for Serious Sam Classic: The Second Encounter, Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter, and Serious Sam Revolution! The concept is simple; create a science fiction-themed single player map for any of the games mentioned earlier. A good amount of Steam Trading Cards await those that win the contest.

For more information, such as how much time is given to complete a map, click on the image below.