Check out The Talos Principle! The Talos Principle
The Talos Principle is Croteam's brand-new philosophical first-person puzzle game that nobody was expecting. It quickly reached the #3 best seller spot on Steam shortly after launch. Written by Tom Jubert (FTL, The Swapper) and Jonas Kyratzes (Infinite Ocean), Talos looks to be the next biggest puzzle game since Portal 2 and Antichamber.

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Check out the 42 Amsterdam website! 42 Amsterdam
If you love to play Serious Sam Classic then check out 42 Amsterdam, one of the last bastions for the original masterpiece that started our beloved franchise.

Together Seriously! and 42 Amsterdam have overcome the GameSpy master-server problem and now you can rejoin the masses of Sam lovers who will never let a classic like this be laid to rest.

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Even More Talos? A Contest? Oh Yeah!

If you haven't already seen this then you want to click here for a chance to win a free copy of The Talos Principle! And a T-Shirt. And all of the epic DLC. So pull out your pens and pencils folks!

Serious DLC for The Talos Principle

Check out the new Serious Sam Voice-Over DLC on the Steam store! It is free for everyone who owns the game until April 7th! After that you will have to pay to get it! Install it now!

This DLC replaces the voice of Elohim with the voice of Serious Sam and has a completely new script in epic Sam style!

Also! If you still don't own The Talos Principle​, now is the chance because it is currently 50% off on Steam until April 6th!!

The Talos Principle: Road to Gehenna announced!

Croteam and Devolver Digital have announced an expansion pack for The Talos Principle called Road to Gehenna! Road to Gehenna features four new all new episodes filled with advanced and challenging puzzles. The writers behind The Talos Principle have returned to pen Road to Gehenna.

The DLC stars Uriel, Elohimís messenger, as he finds a hidden part of the simulation as part of an attempt to free those trapped inside. This section of the simulation has a different philosophy and history compared to what was seen of the simulator in The Talos Principle.

Road to Gehenna comes out this spring on Steam. When The Talos Principle launches on the Playstation 4 and Nvidia Shield later this year, Road to Gehenna will launch with it on those platforms.

Serious Sam's Navy Seal rant

Youtuber MasterGir has made a humorous video in Source Filmmaker featuring Serious Sam himself yelling a part of the Navy Seal meme at some jerk that annoyed him, complete with voice acting from John J. Dick, the man behind Sam's voice. Watch it below:

After watching the video, why not listen to John J. Dick read the whole meme in Sam's voice>

Seriously! Presents: "Portal to Beyond" - A Serious Sam 3 Mapping Contest

Seriously! is proud to announce the first of its many Mapping Contests! We are planning two every year, one for Spring and one for Fall. We invite all Serious Sam mappers across the world to participate! We even extend a warm welcome to mappers from other franchises who think they have what it takes!

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