How to Support Seriously!

Seriously! moved from the Gamespy Network in May of 2002, and has served hundreds of thousands of Serious Sam fans the information, files, and everything else they desired without cumbersome advertisements, wait lines, or unreasonable censorship. The only advertising we have ever run, and will ever run, has been the standard 468x60 banner at the top of every page.

A portion of purchases made through these banners goes back to the costs of running the site at no extra cost. We're constantly trying to get out of the red and break even, hopefully even turn a profit which we can use to further improve the site and our audience's experience at Seriously!, but we cannot do that without your help. The following is a list of ways in which you can help support the costs of Seriously!

  1. Donate:

    Are you the kind of person that just likes to give money to help support services that you find valuable? Do you feel that what goes around comes around? Are you just a plain old nice person? If you answered 'yes' to any of these, or even if you answered 'no' to all of them, your donations are always welcome. Whether it's a small amount of $3 per month, or a huge payment of $8,000,000 (yea, right...), every little bit helps! You can donate online through PayPal by clicking the following button and following the instructions:

    If you can, we would prefer that you subscribe to a monthly payment plan. You can choose from a monthly donation of $5, $10, $20, $30, $40, $50, or $100, and may cancel your monthly payments at any time. All of the money you give will go straight back into the costs of running Seriously!

    You can also send a check or money order payable to 'Jason Rodzik' to:

    1050 East Piedmont Road, Suite L
    Marietta, GA 30062-4744

    Please include your name, email address, and forum username so we can thank you! We will also be giving something back, whether it be in the form of additional privileges on the forums or prizes, to those who contribute, but if you wish to remain anonymous to the public please let us know.

  2. Purchase through our banners:

    Chances are you likely purchase most of the items we advertise through our banners anyway, so why not order online via one of our advertisements and help out your favorite gaming website? What? We're not your favorite? Oh well, help out your most hated gaming website. Either way, it isn't hard at all, and if you don't want to refresh the page hundreds of times looking for that banner we have a full list of advertisers for you to look through and pick the one that suits you best. We even have some European-based companies in there that specialize in getting you the hottest American releases, before they're out in Europe!

  3. Run Your Banner on Seriously!:

    You've probably clicked on some of the banners we run on our site that have interested you, many of which are for Serious Sam mods or other things that are of interest to Serious Sam fans. If you've ever wanted tens of thousands of fans to see your own banner, here's your chance. For an exceptionally low rate, you can get your very own banner ad seen across our entire network of forums, articles, news, and hosted sites. The base price is $0.50 CPM, with a minimum purchase of 10,000 impressions giving you a cost of only $5; impressions are spread out over a 30 day period. Cheaper rates can be worked out for purchasing in bulk. You should email with your full name and address, the amount of impressions you wish to purchase, a 468x60 .jpeg or .gif banner ad, preferably under 15 KB in size, and the link that the banner should point to. If you're purchasing a large amount of impressions and wish to recieve a discounted rate, please state your desired rate/thousand impressions.