Seriously! Serious Sam: The Second Encounter - Overview

Information From: Second Encounter Manual


Once upon a time, early in the 22nd century, Earth was under a severe attack from Mental's minions and humankind was about to vanish. Sam 'Serious' Stone, world's bravest hero, was sent back in time to change the past and save humankind from total annihilation.

Using the ancient artifact, called the "Time-Lock" and left on Earth by a long forgotten race, Sam was teleported back in time into the land of Egypt. There he discovered traces of the Sirian civilization and found out about their spaceship, hidden somewhere inside the Solar system.

Notorious Mental, the immortal evil, gathered some of the nastiest creatures in the universe to stop Sam. Thousands of beasts stood in Sam's way, together with giant Ugh-Zan III, vicious warlock and one of the toughest Mental's servants.

But standing in Sam's way is not a smart thing to do. After many serious battles Sam defeated Mental's army. Finally, in front of the Great Pyramid, he encountered mighty Ugh-Zan III, and won this glorious battle. From the pyramid, Sam teleported himself onto the Sirian spaceship.

And now, Serious Sam goes to Sirius.

Or, maybe not?
The New Weapons

Bonecracker' P-LAH Chainsaw [Picture]
Ammo: Fuel from a self-contained micro fusion fuel synthesizer
Rate of Fire: N/A

RAPTOR 16mm Sniper Rifle [Picture]
Ammo: 16mm AP Sniper Bullet
Rate of Fire: Manual

XOP Flamethrower [Picture]
Ammo: HV Napalm
Rate of Fire: Continuous

Serious Bomb [Picture]
Ammo: N/A
Rate of Fire: 1

The New Enemies

Zumb'ul from planet Ras-ad-nyk [Picture]
Size: 10ft
Weapons: Twin hand plasma launchers
Threat: Medium

Fiendian Reptiloid Demon [Picture]
Size: 20ft
Weapons: Lavaball projectile, claws
Reward: 8000
Threat: Medium

Cucurbinto The Pumpkin [Picture]
Size: 7.5ft
Weapons: Chainsaw
Reward: 1500
Threat: Medium

Zorg Commander from Beelmez IV [Picture]
Size: 7ft
Weapons: Sweep burst laser
Reward: 400
Threat: Low

Zorg Mercenary from Beelmez IV [Picture]
Size: 6.5ft
Weapons: Burst laser
Reward: 300
Threat: Low

Aludran Reptiliod, Highlander's Bride [Picture]
Size: 110ft
Weapons: Magic homing missiles
Reward: 40000
Threat: High

Kukulkan, The Wind God
Size: Variable
Weapons: Twisters and Tornado balls
Reward: 50000
Threat: High

Exotech Larva
Size: 30ft
Weapons: Plasma cannons, biopods, and High energy lasers
Threat: High

Mordekai, The Summoner
Size: 80ft
Weapons: Summoning Spells
Reward: 100000
Threat: High

Serious Power-Ups

Invulnerability [Picture]
Effect: Creates a blue shield around Sam protecting him from any attack

Invisibility [Picture]
Effect: Cloaks Sam from enemy sight

Serious Damage [Picture]
Effect: Supercharges Sam's weapons making them 2 times stronger for a short period of time

Serious Speed Boots [Picture]
Effect: Increasing Sam's speed by a lot making him able to out run any enemy going after him