Seriously! » Serious Sam: Next Encounter - Overview

Information From: GlobalStar Software


Serious Sam gets called into action for the first time on GameCube and PlayStation 2!

An abandoned mother ship of Sirian origin is sending strange signals from the past, and there’s only one man with the guns big enough to investigate – Sam “Serious” Stone. If Mental’s forces beat Sam to this powerful time-traveling artifact, it’s last call for humanity!

Features Enemies

Serious Sam: Next Encounter brings back some of Sam’s biggest nemeses and introduces a new crop of baddies for him to blast. Below is information on a handful of the many enemies Sam will face.

Dum Dum [Picture]
New enemy. This little green ball with teeth comes in two sizes – the two-footed Greater Dum Dum and the smaller one-footed Lesser Dum Dum. This beast usually rushes Sam in packs and attacks with its big, pointy choppers.

Chariot Harpy [Picture]
New enemy. Exclusively found in the realm of Ancient Rome, this evil creature rides around in a self-propelled chariot and fires flame-tipped arrows at Sam.

Werebull [Picture]
Classic enemy. This is a very large bull with sharp horns and a bad temper. It charges and Sam and knocks him into the air.

Bio Mechanoid [Picture]
Classic enemy. This deadly beast comes in two sizes – the larger Major Bio Mechanoid and the smaller Minor Bio Mechanoid. Part machine, part living creature, the Bio Mechanoid fires rockets or lasers at Sam.

Reptiloid Demon [Picture]
Classic enemy. A very large bad guy with a nasty disposition, the four-armed Reptiloid Demon will fire lava balls at Sam from a distance or charge when close.

Legionnaire Ants [Picture]
New enemy. Found exclusively in Ancient Rome, Legionnaire Ants attack in disciplined military formations and hurl powerful energy spears at Sam

Warrior [Picture]
New Enemy. Found only in the realm of Feudal China, the Warrior is a hulking creature with massive arms that hurls razor sharp saw blades at Sam.

Monkey Man [Picture]
New Enemy. Found only in China, this is a scary monkey that attacks Sam with knives.

Atlantean [Picture]
New Enemy. Exclusive to the mysterious realm of Legendary Atlantis, the Atlantean is a fish man that fires projectiles from its cannon arms at Sam from a distance. Up close it attacks with its whip-like tentacles.


Fortunately for our hero Serious Sam: Next Encounter includes a number of ways for Sam to dispatch his foes. Below is information on a some of the firepower available to Sam throughout the game.

XM400 Mini Gun [Picture]
The Mini Gun churns out bullets at a ridiculous rate and is great for mowing down vast waves of enemies. This improved model has a secondary fire mode that can use homing bullets to home in on enemies to a small degree – though the fire rate is slightly reduced in this mode.

Shofield Twin Uzis [Picture]
Boasting a high fire rate, these babies will get Sam out of many a tight spot. Besides the standard fire mode Sam can also pick up Ricochet Bullets that enable him to fire around corners. Ricochet bullets bounce five times before exploding. However this ammunition is limited, and Sam will have to find it hidden around the levels.

XPML4000 Rocket Launcher [Picture]
The XPML4000 rocket launcher is an extremely effective long-range weapon. It has three modes available: Standard, Heat Seeking and Sonic. Standard mode fires standard rockets straight at the target. Heat Seeking Mode requires Heat Seeking rockets, but allows the player to lock on to enemies before firing. Sonic mode requires Sonic rockets, which fire straight towards a target, but create a sonic shockwave that can wipe out a number of enemies.

Raptor 16mm Sniper Rifle [Picture]
The Raptor 16mm Sniper Rifle has a zoom function that allows Sam to target more accurately. The secondary fire button activates the zoom function – holding it down will zoom in further, pressing it again will remove the scope.

Serious Smart Bomb [Picture]
A rare find, Sam’s ultimate weapon is the Serious Smart Bomb. This bomb is held in Sam’s hand and is lit by his Zippo lighter. When used this will kill all enemies in the area.